An Anti-Vax PSA… Oh Wait… ðŸ¤¡

When I first started watching this PSA, I thought it was a message against vaccines. The young healthy woman was double-vaxxed, she still caught COVID, and she still ended up in the hospital where she thought she would die. Surely this means the vaccines don’t work, right?

May 4, 2022 — Is this woman an actress, or is this her true story?




Trudeau Revokes Emergencies Act

One day, Justin saw a little spider and it scared him. He decided to grab his 20 pound sledge hammer to kill the spider since nothing else would do the job. By the time he got out his hammer, which was clearly too heavy for him to wield, he could no longer see the spider. “Why am I holding this hammer?” Justin asked. He decided to put the hammer back with the comfort of knowing that it would be there waiting for the next little spider.