Increases in COVID-19 are Unrelated to Levels of Vaccination, Recent Study Suggests…

About three months ago I started to hear the phrase “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Several politicians were saying it, including Joe Biden, which means there was a memo sent down from the higher ups to the minions below (which includes Joe Biden).

A recent study is available which suggests that new cases of COVID-19 are increasing at the same rate in populations with high vaccination levels as in populations with low vaccination levels.

Of course this is just one study, and there are many variables when investigating how COVID-19 is affecting whole populations. I suggest you read the study for yourself. It is not long. The authors offer some sound advice in the “Interpretation” section of the article.

Here is the direct link to the study:

Here is the archived link to the study:

Here is a PDF file of the study:

Let’s go Brandon!


Project Veritas – Vaccine Report – Part I

Here is a whistleblower report from Project Veritas about the vaccines. No doubt this is controversial. Are the vaccines safe? Are they doing what they’re supposed to do? Have the health experts and politicians been honest? Is Project Veritas doing their own kind of fear mongering here, just as the main stream media does? Will any other media outlets talk about this subject?