Never Attribute to Malice What You Can Attribute to Incompetence

Below is a link to a survey done in Canada claiming that many Canadians are falling victim to conspiracy theories; specifically the idea that Canadians think the government is evil and is out to get them.

In reality, these Canadians think the government is stupid, incompetent, and greedy.

When reading the survey, replace the term “conspiracy theory” with “government incompetence and greed” and you will be closer to the truth.

The survey…

Archived link…

Although… those conspiracy “theories” are quite true.




Vote Pierre Poilievre in for Conservative Leadership

I am not one to put too much hope in a politician, but we must choose the best there is available. Pierre Poilievre seems to be that one, but he needs to be voted in as the leader of the Conservative party before he can run for Prime Minister of Canada. What can you do? Watch the video…..