The End of Globalization?

The book discussed in the video below is The End of the World is Just the Beginning by Peter Zeihan. I haven’t read it yet myself, but it is in the queue.

Many Christians believe we are living in the last days. I disagree, but I do believe the west is in its last days. Time will tell.

August 5, 2022


ArriveCAN is a Scam

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Some Canadians have been complaining lately about the Canadian government’s ArriveCAN app. It intrudes into people’s privacy, it does not run well, and it is being forced onto Canadians who want to travel. If you don’t download it, there may be complications for you.

Apparently, according to the apple app ratings, Canadians love ArriveCAN. First, consider the number of ratings of the popular apps shown below…

Millions upon millions of people use the apps above, and Twitter has the highest number of ratings (490K). Now consider the ArriveCAN app…

508K ratings! Wow! And an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Amazing! Not only are Canadians rushing to rate the app, they all give it great reviews too. Or do they?

Someone has been buying reviews, and that someone went just a tad overboard.

Hopefully Canadians say enough to this app and refuse to use it. Are we sick of being lied to for our own good yet?

National Post article on this subject: How Canada stupidly bet its border economy on ArriveCAN — a glitchy $25M app


Reflections on the Sorry State of Canada by Jordan Peterson

Is Canada in such a sorry state as Peterson says? Many would disagree. However, there is no voice equivalent to Peterson’s celebrating the current state of Canada or its leadership.

Conservatives, of course, want small government, limited spending, and personal freedom. Trudeau’s government is not supplying any of these things. Progressive Liberals want security, equity, and diversity, but Trudeau isn’t supplying these things either, although he thinks he is.