Reflections on the Sorry State of Canada by Jordan Peterson

Is Canada in such a sorry state as Peterson says? Many would disagree. However, there is no voice equivalent to Peterson’s celebrating the current state of Canada or its leadership.

Conservatives, of course, want small government, limited spending, and personal freedom. Trudeau’s government is not supplying any of these things. Progressive Liberals want security, equity, and diversity, but Trudeau isn’t supplying these things either, although he thinks he is.

For the Time Being, 2+2=4, 5, & 6

The homosexuals say, “I was born this way. I can’t change.” The transgenders say, “I was born this way. I can change.” Apparently these two groups of people are on the same side.

Even normally compliant feminists get in trouble when they agree they don’t want trans-women (men who want to be women) in women’s sports, women’s prisons, or women’s change rooms. I’ve yet to hear of any man feel threatened by trans-men wanting to be in those same male spaces. Interesting how manhood is not really under threat from the transgender movement, but womanhood very much is.

The west is in its decadence phase, but there is hope. No society can exist on illogical foundations. Imagine if the mathematics world decided that 2+2=4, 5, and 6, depending on what feels best at the time. How long could that last? Mathematics would stall and no one would agree on anything. The west can’t survive long on these new rules, with which anyone can change reality when ever they feel like it. It doesn’t matter how hard people push for it to work, it simply won’t work.

It’s easy for feminists to be feminists, homosexuals to be homosexuals, and transgenders to be transgenders in a safe, controlled world like the west. But if that safety goes away, we will soon see things go back to the simple “men are men and women are women” ways very quickly.

There are tough times ahead for the west, but things can and probably will get better. Lessons will be learned, and people will repent and turn back to God.