Project Veritas – Vaccine Report – Part II

I like Project Veritas. They’ve uncovered some important things. But so far this new story seems like a nothing burger. Lots of people voice their opinions. That does not mean these people actually have any authority to do what they really want to do. Nor does it mean these people know what they’re talking about. A low level worker might think he’s more important than he really is, but no one is actually listening to him or taking him seriously if they do. That’s what kind of individual I think we’re seeing in this part two video.

Project Veritas – Vaccine Report – Part I

Here is a whistleblower report from Project Veritas about the vaccines. No doubt this is controversial. Are the vaccines safe? Are they doing what they’re supposed to do? Have the health experts and politicians been honest? Is Project Veritas doing their own kind of fear mongering here, just as the main stream media does? Will any other media outlets talk about this subject?