For the Time Being, 2+2=4, 5, & 6

The homosexuals say, “I was born this way. I can’t change.” The transgenders say, “I was born this way. I can change.” Apparently these two groups of people are on the same side.

Even normally compliant feminists get in trouble when they agree they don’t want trans-women (men who want to be women) in women’s sports, women’s prisons, or women’s change rooms. I’ve yet to hear of any man feel threatened by trans-men wanting to be in those same male spaces. Interesting how manhood is not really under threat from the transgender movement, but womanhood very much is.

The west is in its decadence phase, but there is hope. No society can exist on illogical foundations. Imagine if the mathematics world decided that 2+2=4, 5, and 6, depending on what feels best at the time. How long could that last? Mathematics would stall and no one would agree on anything. The west can’t survive long on these new rules, with which anyone can change reality when ever they feel like it. It doesn’t matter how hard people push for it to work, it simply won’t work.

It’s easy for feminists to be feminists, homosexuals to be homosexuals, and transgenders to be transgenders in a safe, controlled world like the west. But if that safety goes away, we will soon see things go back to the simple “men are men and women are women” ways very quickly.

There are tough times ahead for the west, but things can and probably will get better. Lessons will be learned, and people will repent and turn back to God.

Why Does Justin Trudeau March in Gay Pride Parades?

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As a Christian, I don’t agree with the gay lifestyle. But, also as a Christian, I believe gays are created in the image of God and are deserving of dignity and respect. I’ve known several gay men and women throughout my life, and what I’ve always seen in them are people struggling to live normal decent lives.

This is why I hate gay pride parades. Pride parades don’t portray gays as dignified or people deserving of respect. They portray them as fools and buffoons who are completely obsessed with sex; people whose entire identity is based on their sexual orientation. If that’s truly what it means to be gay, then why would we celebrate that? And if that’s not what it means to be gay, then why are we portraying it as such?

Imagine if gays were in the majority and straights in the minority, and there were “straight pride” parades in which men and women dance around, bare asses showing, grinding each other in the streets, onlookers cheering and yelling, “Straight pride! Yeah!” It would be absurd. No one would take straight people seriously, and I, as a straight man, wouldn’t be caught dead participating in one of those parades.

So why does the Prime Minister of Canada attend so many pride parades? Does he really care for gays and think that pride parades are what’s best for them? Possibly. But I would argue he’s not there to help gays, nor does he really care about them. He’s there to virtue signal to straight liberals. He’s there to show the whole world what a cool national leader he is — not like that orange haired idiot down south!

If you’re gay and reading this article, I hope you’re pursuing a life of dignity, decency, and respect. I believe you will only find that life by turning to Jesus, who will not reject you simply for being gay.


Now, you might not like Lauren Southern because she’s too “right wing”. I certainly don’t agree with a bunch of what she says. But, I ask you to put that aside for the moment, because I think she really gets to the core issue of pride parades in this video……