Visionary Leaders Vs. Masters – Six Part Series

One of my favourite series of articles I’ve written on this blog nobody reads is my Visionary Leaders Vs. Masters series.

I’ve decided to link all six articles here for your reading enjoyment, even though I know no one is actually reading this and I am only writing to myself which is probably not very healthy mentally.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Project Veritas – Vaccine Report – Part II

I like Project Veritas. They’ve uncovered some important things. But so far this new story seems like a nothing burger. Lots of people voice their opinions. That does not mean these people actually have any authority to do what they really want to do. Nor does it mean these people know what they’re talking about. A low level worker might think he’s more important than he really is, but no one is actually listening to him or taking him seriously if they do. That’s what kind of individual I think we’re seeing in this part two video.

Project Veritas – Vaccine Report – Part I

Here is a whistleblower report from Project Veritas about the vaccines. No doubt this is controversial. Are the vaccines safe? Are they doing what they’re supposed to do? Have the health experts and politicians been honest? Is Project Veritas doing their own kind of fear mongering here, just as the main stream media does? Will any other media outlets talk about this subject?

The Pandemic Accelerant

Crazy glue: it will dry, there’s no stopping that. When it’s dry it’s dry, but it takes a bit of time. You can speed up the drying by adding baking soda. The baking soda is an accelerant. It does not change the process that was already happening; it only makes it happen faster.

COVID-19 is an accelerant, at least in the west. Before the pandemic, we already saw the stripping away of freedoms, the descent into clown world. We saw it, but it was slow enough to think about and debate about. There was no need to be too concerned. The warnings of lost freedom, even if they did come true, would probably not come true for many years. No big deal. But no more; COVID has been added to the mix and things are progressing much much quicker.

Look at Australia. They are no longer members of the free world. So long Australia, it was nice knowing you. There seems to be no push back from the citizenry there, aside from some small and ineffective protests. Their police are quite comfortable with their new state enforced thuggery.

Oh, but we can vote our freedoms back! Sorry, no. The differences between the parties that promote freedom and the parties that restrict freedom have all but dissipated. Besides, all politicians are liars anyway. What they said they would not do two months ago is exactly what they’re doing today. “No vaccine passports!” “We need vaccine passports!” Their words, their actions, are meaningless against the tsunami pushing into the world.

What is this tsunami? It appears to be the same old system we’ve seen throughout history: a powerful but small elite ruling over a poor, uneducated, subservient mass of humanity. We see hints of it already with the wealthy at their parties: unmasked VIPs being waited upon by masked servants. It’s a perfect image of the kind of world we may be headed toward.

Young people will not be the future saviors. They are not even getting a proper education these days. University students say the dumbest things. Many of these youth appeal to powerful government to protect them and care for them. They are stupid and subservient. Indeed, they are fit for the fascism they lovingly embrace.

Unfortunately, the totalitarian paradise the young long for in the future is being prematurely thrust upon us all today. The glue is drying, the accelerant has been added, there is no going back to normal. This is the new normal.

Perhaps our only hope is a great divorce. There may be enough freedom lovers, even within the millennial and Z generations, to break off of the madness and form a new society. Time will tell, but be sure, whatever happens, there are big changes coming over the next hundred years… or twenty… depends on how well the accelerant works.