Constitutions and Marriage Vows

Second marriage vows.When two people get married, they speak their vows. Now, even though those two people will change over the following ten, twenty, thirty years, the vows will remain the same for the life of the marriage. If the husband says after twenty years, “Our marriage vows are outdated. I think we should rewrite them to fit our current situation more accurately,” what he’s really saying is, “I want our marriage as it has been for the last twenty years to end, and I want to create an entirely new marriage.”

It is the same with a nation’s constitution. The constitution, as written by the nation’s founders, is meant to remain unchanged for the lifespan of that nation. When you hear people saying that it’s time to update the constitution, what they’re really saying is that they want a revolution — they want a new nation.

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Can Saul Alinsky Be Saved? (Brief Book Review)

Can Saul Alinsky Be Saved? Jesus Christ In the Obama And Post-Obama EraCan Saul Alinsky Be Saved? Jesus Christ In the Obama And Post-Obama Era by Richard William Bledsoe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thought this book, from the title, was going to be about politics and social activism. But, it is actually about apologetics and philosophy. That was a good surprise. Some of the philosophy was above my head (as I’ve never studied that subject a whole lot), but it wasn’t so much that I lost interest. I’ll most likely go back to this book for insight again and again over the next years.

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