When Strong Men Disappear, Mom Takes Over…

“Bad behaviour!”

Men are created by God to lead. Women are created to come along side men to help them lead. If you get that confused, everyone suffers.

If you think, “But the women in my team are better at catching my vision. They’re better followers. Therefore they will make good leaders and vision casters,” you’re wrong. Women are usually more subservient and want everyone to get along and not make trouble for the leader. Take those same women and make them leaders, and you’ll end up with tyrants.

Men won’t follow you as closely as you want. They have their own goals, vision, and passion. Let them have at it. To suppress them crushes their souls.

Shanghai is Descending Into Hell

Imagine a virus so deadly you have to lock 25 million people in their homes indefinitely and deny them food to save them….

There are reports of children being separated from their parents, and thousands being put into quarantine camps. Some people are running out of food and cannot go out to buy more. Pets owned by those sent to quarantine are being euthanized.

Drones have been flying around the city with loud speakers saying: “Control your soul’s desire for freedom.”

So, if you’re living in the west, and politicians start saying more lockdowns are necessary… grab your pitchforks.

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