Oh the Irony 🤡🌎

If you accuse us of being Nazis, we will punish you as the Nazis would…

A man, named Lawrence Fox, posted this meme to point out how the LGBTLMNOP agenda is a fascist one.
This was a typical response — very Nazi like. Fox, however, was not arrested.

Two other men were arrested though — one, an army vet, who shared the meme on his social media, and the other an ex police officer who came to the first man’s defence, along with Lawrence Fox.

The ex police officer’s arrest. Filmed by Fox.
The man who shared the post being arrested. Filmed by Fox.



Reflections on the Sorry State of Canada by Jordan Peterson

Is Canada in such a sorry state as Peterson says? Many would disagree. However, there is no voice equivalent to Peterson’s celebrating the current state of Canada or its leadership.

Conservatives, of course, want small government, limited spending, and personal freedom. Trudeau’s government is not supplying any of these things. Progressive Liberals want security, equity, and diversity, but Trudeau isn’t supplying these things either, although he thinks he is.

Misinformation and Disinformation

You know you are in propaganda land when you hear certain words and phrases repeated over and over again.

The hot words of the day are “misinformation” and “disinformation.” Canada’s prime Ken doll, Justin Trudeau, loves uttering these words.

“Mis” means wrong, and “dis” means the opposite or not. So when the propagandists label some bit of info with these words they are saying that the info is not only wrong, but also the opposite of the truth.

But I don’t think they put that much thought into the meanings of “mis” and “dis”. The real reason they say both those words is to be repetitive. Repetition is hypnotic. Propaganda is hypnotic.

Don’t fall for it.