Differences in Culture

Here is an info graphic on the differences of culture and how that reflects on missions.

(I would add some green to Cambodia though)

Culture’s Color, God’s Light
We spend a lot of time trying to understand the differences between cultures. But what is the end-game? The more we learn about other cultures, the better we can shine God’s love. Also, as we see God through our own cultural lens and engage with people from other cultures, we begin to see the world the way God sees it! Explore three cultural frameworks and take a moment to add to this important research by taking the test yourself: http://theculturetest.com.

2 thoughts on “Differences in Culture

  1. I’d say that elements of Fear and Power are in our understanding of the scriptures as well, it’s almost the short and sweet definition of the God of the Old Testament, who was also about Guilt and Innocence and Shame and Honor. Complementarianism, is built on an Authority/Submission structure that ties all three together: the Honor of Power and Innocence and the Shame of Fear and Guilt. We get these ideas because our society is built on them based on how we read the Bible. If We read the scripture through a lens of love, then we’d start caring less about Authority, Submission, Fear, Power, Guilt, and Innocence and more about others and how we can do right by them. How can we teach other cultures when our own needs to be set right first?

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