Chase the Lion (Brief Book Review)

Chase the Lion: If Your Dream Doesn't Scare You, It's Too SmallChase the Lion: If Your Dream Doesn’t Scare You, It’s Too Small by Mark Batterson

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

A typical “chase your dreams” type book. Nothing groundbreaking. Lots of unnecessary fluff. Lots of psychologizing the Old Testament. The book is based on 2 Samuel 23:20 in which a man named Benaiah kills a lion. The NLT version (the version the author uses) says he chased a lion into a pit, but the Hebrew version says he went down into the pit (meaning the lion was already down there) and killed it. That sounds like semantical nit-picking, but if your book is about chasing lions based on a verse about a guy chasing a lion, it would help if the verse actually said he chased the lion.

A quote from page 8 which sums up the book quite accurately is: “The size of your dream may be the most accurate measure of the size of your God.” That statement is true… if your dream is your god.

If you are searching for meaning in your life, read a book like Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl instead.

“A man who becomes conscious of the responsibility he bears toward a human being who affectionately waits for him, or to an unfinished work, will never be able to throw away his life. He knows the ‘why’ for his existence, and will be able to bear almost any ‘how.'”
~Viktor E. Frankl

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