No, Trump is Not Hitler


Some people I know are saying that Trump will create a fascist dictatorship in America. He’s the next Hitler! That, of course, is nonsense.

In order for Trump to become a dictator he would have to seize sole control over all of America’s wealth, consolidate all the authority over the military into a very small controllable group of people, disarm the American people, and become master over the economy. Obviously that’s not what he plans to do.

People are saying he’s a dictator because he is a loud mouth bully. Well, maybe he is a loud mouth bully, but that hardly means he’s a threat to American freedom. Hurt feelings are not a threat to freedom.

But look at the list of what he’d have to do to create a dictatorship and then ask yourself which party in the American system is actually trying to do those things.

The threat to American freedom is not from the right.