No, Trump is Not Hitler


Some people I know are saying that Trump will create a fascist dictatorship in America. He’s the next Hitler! That, of course, is nonsense.

In order for Trump to become a dictator he would have to seize sole control over all of America’s wealth, consolidate all the authority over the military into a very small controllable group of people, disarm the American people, and become master over the economy. Obviously that’s not what he plans to do.

People are saying he’s a dictator because he is a loud mouth bully. Well, maybe he is a loud mouth bully, but that hardly means he’s a threat to American freedom. Hurt feelings are not a threat to freedom.

But look at the list of what he’d have to do to create a dictatorship and then ask yourself which party in the American system is actually trying to do those things.

The threat to American freedom is not from the right.


2 thoughts on “No, Trump is Not Hitler

  1. Alternatively, a man who has threatened to do things in clear violation of the Constitution several times is indeed a threat to people’s freedoms. Refuting an analogy made of straw doesn’t change this. Categorically denying that THE threat to freedom comes from the right is still less helpful. Threats to freedom could come from either the left or the right. An honest person wouldn’t pretend otherwise.

    1. The analogy may be made from straw, but it wasn’t made by me.

      Of course threats can come from either the left or the right, but in the context of this article, which addresses claims that Trump is a fascist dictator, that particular threat doesn’t exist.

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