The Three Stages to Doing Something

1) The Romantic Stage

Here is where we first get an idea and dream about it. And of course our dream is big and awesome. Also, our dream has “me” at the center, even when our goal is to help others. That is okay because if we wait until our motives are unselfish, we’ll never do anything. But, at some point we have to get past the Romantic Stage and into reality.

2) The Reality Stage

After we’ve begun to pursue our dream, we soon discover that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine; it’s hard work! Not everything goes as planned. In this stage we actually learn how to do what we’ve dreamt about. Lots of trial and error.

3) The Quality Stage

In this stage we have finally accomplished something of our goal where we can step back and see that the dream has become manifest. It might not be perfect, but what we set out to do is indeed being done.

Whatever happens, the trick is to not get stuck in any of the three stages. We must always be building up, going through all three stages over and over again as we grow and learn.

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