Big Fat Mama Canada

The debate about Bill C-16 with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has got me thinking. Why would anyone living in a free society, freedom which men have fought and died for, want a big fat mama government to take care of them?

First, those who support Bill C-16 believe that they are on the side of love and compassion, and therefore have the moral high-ground. But, the not so obvious threat which they’re not seeing is that C-16 will give the government the authority to punish Canadian citizens for not talking a certain way. The gender issue is, more or less, just the issue which the threat has been attached to.

Second, why would anyone assume that those who oppose C-16 are automatically hateful towards the trans-gender community? Just because one might be against a particular solution to a problem does not mean that one doesn’t care about the problem. If someone says to me, “You should always give money to any homeless person who asks for it,” and I say that’s a bad idea; if the person then responds by saying, “You don’t care about homeless people,” then that person is ignorant, especially if I regularly volunteer at a homeless shelter and donate to the food bank — which are much better solutions to help homeless people. The same principle applies to C-16. If one is opposed to C-16, it doesn’t mean they are hateful toward the trans-community — it may just mean they care about free speech in Canada, and are unwilling to give that up.

And third, why do those who support C-16 believe that their only option is to run to big fat Mama Canada to solve their problems for them? Why don’t they get out there and do some awareness type work? Write up some literature to pass around. Make some Youtube videos. If they see someone mistreating a trans-gender, go and deal with the situation. But, it’s much easier to complain and let Mama Canada deal with it.

A free society requires adult citizens, not babies who always run to mommy.


Click here to sign a petition opposing Bill C-16.


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