On Free Will

by Harley Voogd

In the past I’ve always asked myself: “Do we have free will or not?”

It’s an either/or question which assumes that will is the only power in one’s life.

But later I thought: “Will is a power in one’s life, but it’s not the only power. There are other powers in one’s life which are stronger than will.”

But as I meditate on it more I realize that will is not a power at all. Terms like free will and will power don’t make any sense. Will is not a power, but rather a tool to be manipulated by the real powers in one’s life. Will is a steering wheel. The real powers turn the steering wheel. The real powers in one’s life are all the desires which push and pull us in different directions.

Our desires are built into us. If your desires are good, you will do good things. If they are evil, you will do evil. Either way, you will always do what you want to do.