Slavery in Canada?

Fact: The “Act Against Slavery” was passed in 1793.

Fact: The British government banned the institution of slavery in most of its colonies (including Canada) in 1833.

Fact: Canada did not become a self governing country until 1867.

Fact: Of the 4200 slaves cataloged (most of whom were not African) between the years 1672-1834 in what later became Canada, there are no Canadian citizens alive today who are responsible for them, who benefited from them, or who owe reparations to them.

Fact: American Black history ≠ Canadian Black history. Modern day American Black/White relations ≠ Modern day Canadian Black/White relations.

For many Canadians who know a black person (if they even know a black person), that black person is a first or second generation Canadian, and/or is not descended from slaves.

Slavery was a terrible and evil institution of our past in the west, but we must not hold the children responsible for the sins of their father’s fathers. Our generation has plenty of its own sins to answer for.

Notice how, in our western society, the easiest sins to avoid have become the worst sins in the eyes of the zeitgeist. Racism! is the unforgivable sin, yet it is one of the easiest sins to avoid. It’s easy to declare yourself a righteous non-racist, while committing a myriad of even worse sins unnoticed. The girl waving the BLM flag had an abortion last month.

History of Slavery

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