What is the Freedom Trucker’s Strategy Now?

Who am I to have an opinion on the trucker freedom convoy? I’m not even in Canada presently. But of course I have an opinion. No one reads this blog, so I am just talking to myself anyway.

Right now there is a war in Canada between the common man and the government. Within every war there are a series of battles. The first battle of this war was the truck convoy driving across Canada and planting itself in the nation’s capital, Ottawa. So far that has been an effective battle strategy. The whole world is watching and most seem to support the truckers. Other countries have begun their own convoys, and various other kinds of protests have sprung up all over the place. The Canadian government, led by Justin Trudeau, is clearly afraid. The truckers raised millions of dollars, first on GoFundMe which was shut down, then on GiveSendGo, which has also been shut down.

Justin Trudeau has now deployed the emergency act.* This will allow the government to do whatever they feel is necessary to end the protests. Basically, the protestors have had their rights revoked in the eyes of the government. So now, it is the truckers, who have no resources and no rights, against the government, which has a massive police force and hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal. The truckers cannot win this battle.

As Jordan Peterson points out, the most reasonable protestors are the most likely to go home first, and the most zealous protestors are the ones who will stay. I am afraid for those truckers who choose to martyr themselves. They will lose their livelihoods and no one will remember them a year from now.

I’m not sure who the leaders of the convoy are. There have been a couple of different people who have spoken to the media. These people appear to be the leaders but there’s nothing official about it. The names of these leaders, Benjamin Dichter, Tamara Lich, Chris Barber, and Dagny Pawlak have been given (there may be others), but it appears that they were not chosen by the truckers to be their leaders. I’m not sure if they are even truckers themselves. Click here for a video which relates to this question.

Some Conservative politicians have spoken in support of the convoy. This is all well and good, but let’s not forget that they are still politicians (and how useless they were during the last two years). They are opportunists first and foremost. Pierre Poilievre has announced he wants to be the new leader of the Conservative party. Good for him, but what is he actually going to do other than trash talk Trudeau? That seems to be all the Conservatives are good for these days. They don’t even have a party leader right now.

It would seem the best thing for the truckers to do at this point is choose some clear leadership, and for those leaders to sit down with Conservative leaders (or PPC leaders–keep your fingers crossed). There is no chance of Trudeau sitting down to talk, but his days seem to be numbered now anyway. It’s very possible that the Conservatives will be in power after the next election. If things are really going to change it’ll have to happen through the federal government.

Now would seem a good time to shift the battle strategy away from the trucks and over to the political sphere. I don’t think the trucks should leave yet (and if any Conservative politicians say they should leave, those politicians should be summarily ignored). I also don’t think any trucker should martyr himself. Hopefully things stay peaceful. Trudeau would like nothing more than for the truckers to become violent–it would justify his whole strategy of acting like a spoiled princess who isn’t getting her way. That’s his only strategy, and its a good one for him because he has a lot of power right now. This is why the truckers need to change their strategy now.

The worst outcome of this war is if the truckers get violent, lose all their support, and Trudeau wins. The second worst outcome is if the truckers give up and go home too early. The best outcome is if the Conservative party gets its act together, forms the next government, and actually act like Conservatives. Never again should the government be allowed the powers it has had under Trudeau. Never again should the common people be put into a position where they have to go to war with their own government in order to safeguard their own livelihoods. The Conservatives can make that happen.

Hopefully this all ends well–first for the truckers and then for all Canadians. Hopefully some strong leadership rises up and a new and successful strategy is put in place so that the common people of Canada win this war utterly.

* At this point I do not know if the emergency act is in effect. Section 18.1 of the act states: A declaration of a public order emergency is effective on the day on which it is issued, but a motion for confirmation of the declaration shall be laid before each House of Parliament and be considered in accordance with section 58.

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