I Unquestioningly Support the Current Thing

I know next to nothing when it comes to Russia and Ukraine, but as I’ve written in a previous post, when the government, the media, and social media are all pushing for you to hold to one particular view, with no nuance, that is a red flag. When a situation is being over simplified, and you are led to take one side completely and unquestioningly, you are being duped.

Consider the poll below which shows the opinions of vaccinated Canadians vs unvaccinated Canadians in regard to the Russian/Ukrainian conflict…

The source article of the poll (linked above) takes the opposite stance of what I am taking here. The article states: The study concludes the results point “to the highly corrosive influences of disinformation.” It’s the “anti-vaxxers” who are wrong. They have been deceived by “disinformation.” Never mind the facts. Believe the media which has been lying to you for years.

Notice that the subheading of the article states: New poll indicates that “vaccine refusers are much more sympathetic to Russia.” Then notice how the results of the poll have nothing to do with sympathy for Russia. The results are about how involved Canada should be in support of Ukraine. Just because people might not want to get too involved with Ukraine in its fight against Russia, that doesn’t then mean they support what Russia is doing. They simply don’t want to get involved in someone else’s fight. Equally, just because someone doesn’t want the vaccine, it does not mean they are anti-vaccine.

Also notice that the poll is between people who had three or more shots (one extreme) and people who had no shots (the other extreme). That means all those who had one or two shots (the moderate majority) are not included in the poll. Do you think we would see some more variation in the results if those people had been involved? I’d say yes. The media only wants you to see things in black and white.

We know, with the whole COVID situation, that to believe there were alternative ways to deal with the virus, other than the vaccines, was wrong think. The narrative that vaccines were the only option was injected into everyone’s brains.

Now that same thing is happening with the Russian/Ukraine conflict. And who is buying it? See poll above.

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