The God of Government

All people have a right to make a living for themselves, to have a place to live, to have clothes, and to have food. No one, except an evil dictator, would disagree with this. Who ensures these rights? God does. God not only gave us these rights, He has also provided the way for us to live out these rights, and abundantly.

Some in Canada are pushing for a Universal Basic Income program (UBI). This is a program in which the government guarantees a basic income for everybody. It is not wrong to want every person to have their basic needs met, especially when they are unable to meet their own needs. Poor people are all around us, and we are commanded by Jesus to care for the poor.

But when the government wants to take on the role of being everyone’s provider, is it doing so out of charity and love? Or out of a desire to be god?

Beware of any corporation or government wanting to give you free money, free food, free social media apps, free this, free that…. It is a way for them to control you, and to be your god.

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